Skill Stack

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It’s not enough to have one core skill.  Many people also have that one core skill.

When you add complimentary skills to your core skill, you increase your value to the world, you grow your confidence and your bank balance.  When you deliberately add these skills in a designated order, you are skill   stacking.

The Skill Stack online course TM has evolved after many years of coaching and face-to-face trainings with hundreds of delegates.

Demand for this information is such that the only way we can get this out to meet the requests was to spend some time building an online course from scratch.  We can also deliver it at a significant discount from the regular $3,000 price

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Raising Angel Finance is a skill like anything else in life.  It’s a skill that we have developed over many years and many deals and we can teach you and show you how to use these skills to increase your own changes of finding Angel and other Investors and more importantly, getting them to invest in you and your project. For our Blog go here:



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