RAF – FAQ’s 1 of 20 Is Angels Den like Dragon’s Den?

Raising Angel Finance – Frequently Asked Questions 1 of 20

Is  Angels Den like Dragons Den?

This question is Number 1 on this list simply because I get asked it more than any other.  My reply is quite simple: “Dragon’s Den is the Pantomime version of what we do for real”.

The reality is that it gives a poor impression of how Angel Investors operate.  In fact it’s a sort of opposite of the way Angels operate.

The main differences are:

  1. Angel Investors are not all £50m business owners.  Some of them have a few hundred thousand to invest – but they might have much more to offer in terms of experience or contacts.
  1. They are not arrogant about their abilities and their contacts and they don’t need to sell themselves to you either in front of other investors or in private.
  1. Real Angel investors are vetted by us and are defined by FCA regulations.  For example they need to be either High Net Worth Individuals or sophisticated investors.  You can get the full definition here: http://www.thebusinessangel.org/high-net-worth-investors.html
  1. Real Angel investors take much longer to consider an investment before making a formal offer.  In fact they will take time to do their Due Diligence BEFORE making an offer as opposed to afterwards like on the telly.  There is one exception to this, and that’s with offers made via CrowdFunding.  In that situation all the diligence must be done before the offer is placed live on the portal or website.
  1. Angel investors are very interested in the Exit and this is something that is hardly ever brought up on the telly version.

As well as differences there are three main similarities;

  1. Angel investors are quick to spot good investments when they are well-presented (Another reason for you to take advantage of Train the Trainer or any of the Speaking Courses offered)
  1. They look for the credibility of the presenter and the opportunity.  Does it stack up?  Is it scalable? Is there room for a decent return on their investment either as equity or a loan?
  1. Angels will expect you to know your numbers.

This and many more subjects will be expanded on in the Raising AngelFinance Course on the 30th of April or the 18th June 2016 in Peterborough. For more information contact; karlenepartridge@progressiveproperty.co.uk

Ray is a shareholder and Regional Manager for www.AngelsDen.com and Property Angels Den where investors are introduced to entrepreneurs or developers seeking finance. If you have a proposal click here: Application form page:  http://www.designedliving.co.uk/investment-application-form.html

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